Mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.
May your journeys be fruitful and forgiving.

May you always find a reason to endure the darkest nights.

Life always surprises you with the most beautiful sunrises.



Pure cosmic awe: A multiple-camera, 360-degree timelapse planetary panorama of the night sky by photographer Vincent Brady, with original score by musician Brandon McCoy.

Perhaps this is the “sense of reverence and awe” that Carl Sagan extolled as his religion

Awe, indeed.

Reminds me of my favorite word, yugen: An awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and powerful for words.

It occurs to me that trying to fasten a word to something too deep and powerful for words is a rather hopeless task, but yet we try and try.

Kamo no Chōmei, a Japanese poet and essayist of the 12th century, attempted to characterize the feeling thusly: 

“It is like an autumn evening under a colorless expanse of silent sky. Somehow, as if for some reason that we should be able to recall, tears well uncontrollably.”


“When looking at autumn mountains through mist, the view may be indistinct yet have great depth. Although few autumn leaves may be visible through the mist, the view is alluring. The limitless vista created in imagination far surpasses anything one can see more clearly”

I know that feel.