skirmishes rambles
May your journeys be fruitful and forgiving.

May you always find a reason to endure the darkest nights.

Life always surprises you with the most beautiful sunrises.
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  • Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

    Deutschlands Bundesländer || States of Germany

    The world is beautiful.

    The GazettE AU:

    In the year 2375 the balance of power has shifted. Androids nearly outnumber humans and homo sapiens’ biggest fear has turned from shadowed eyes lurking in dark corners of the streets to glowing, mechanical ones. The most elite and ruthless of these killers are a group code name The GazettE. Equipped with the latest softwares - and hardwares - they are the Human Elimination Agency’s most deadly force. Cunning, charming and discreet, you won’t have any idea you won’t survive until you’re already bleeding. And the rest of the world fears more.
    Made in Japan.

    Fish — by 浅汐半夏